Addiction to gambling

At Lottabet, we’re committed to providing our customers with the very best in sports betting entertainment. Sports betting and gaming can be a fun and enjoyable experience and we work hard to make sure it stays that way.

Because gambling should always be fun and never be a risk, Lottabet is committed to working with the right authorities to stop gambling addiction. Find everything you need to know to keep yourself safe on this page.

What is the problem?

Addiction is a state that is marked by the constant need to do something, to do it more often, or even to do it for longer. When it comes to online gambling, addiction can mean that you can’t stop yourself from betting too much, that you bet more than your budget allows, or that you want to “redo” yourself over and over again without thinking about how much you’ve lost. Then, gambling is no longer a fun thing to do, but something you have to do.

When should someone who has a problem admit that they have one?

Reviewing how you gamble can tell you if you have a gambling problem. The most important thing is to figure out if you play for fun or too much.

For a casual player, which is about 98% of the people involved, online gambling is still a fun thing to do that lets them live out their passion for sports to the fullest. In this particular situation, there is no risk, and you know how to keep your bets within a reasonable range.

On the other hand, if you gamble too much, online gambling can be dangerous because you can lose a lot of money without being able to stop yourself. This is known as having a gambling problem.

Professionals say that problem gambling is a bad habit that can lead to serious problems like debt, withdrawal, or even mental disorders. Several signs can help you figure out if you have a gambling problem:

  • You spend more than what you have planned;
  • Your mood is affected by how you do (whether you win or lose);
  • You often lie about what you’re doing;
  • You don’t enjoy gambling as much as you used to, but you still do it;
  • You use gambling to try to solve your money problems.

If you notice these things about how you gamble, it’s a bad sign. You may be addicted to gambling. There are a lot of groups that can help you get over this addiction.

What to do if someone has an addiction?

If you find that you gamble too much, there are a few things you can do before you need to talk to a professional organization.

Setting limits

If you think gambling is too much for your budget, you can set limits on how much you can spend at casinos at first by changing the limits on your different accounts. You can also choose to limit how much money you put in and how much you bet each week. This lets you limit the risk of getting into too much debt and not going over certain limits.


Do you feel like your gaming has changed in the past few weeks, from a simple way to have fun to a need to win? The risk of becoming addicted is clear, and you can also choose to stop going to your gambling site.

This move is simple and quick, and it stops you from being able to play at your usual casino for about 3 years. All casino sites must make it clear that you can do this. If you need to, don’t be afraid to call your operator’s customer service.

Voluntary gambling ban

To put it simply, a voluntary ban on gambling is a personal decision that means you can’t sign up for a casino account or even go into a casino. To move forward, just do what the government says on this page. Legally, this decision to stop gambling lasts for 3 years and will be renewed automatically if you don’t do anything to change it.

Groups to get in touch with

If you’re not sure if you’re addicted or if you are, you should know that there are organizations that can help you and walk with you through the process. The most important ones are listed below.

These different groups can help you at any time if you have questions or doubts about how you gamble. You’ll be able to do tests and find someone who will listen to you and answer your questions. Do not keep your problems to yourself; gambling should just be for fun.